Hey there,

So this is a bit of a blast from the past for me because I actually went to Sensation White about a month ago, but I think that it’s worth writing about.  So Sensation White is part of a traveling production series that features world class DJ’s and impressive stage displays to huge crowds all over the world.  You can check out their website here at http://www.sensation.com/  It should be noted that the entrance into a Sensation party

is about $50 which prevents a lot of people from going; luckily for me, my good friend Eduardo scored 2 tickets for $50 through a friendly, party going Chef that he knows.

So our night began at about 10pm with a 45 minute walk through the city’s center to the venue – Estacion Mapocho – a train station in the middle of Santiago.  The dress code is white, made the white Polo pants that I thought were unnecessary to pack come in quite handy. 

Throughout the night,  6 DJ’s took the stage and caused near chaos with their nice mixing skills and hot, loud beats that seemed to spark something within everyone’s hearts in the crowd.  Eduardo and I considered ourselves to be some of the most dedicated and energetic dancers in the place, consistently rocking out harder than those around us.  Fine Chilean women were abound throughout the night and their white outfits were alluring to say the least. 

When all was said and done both Eduardo and I were completely tired out by 6:00 Am when the party was finally over, and couldn’t wait to get home and get some much needed shut eye.  I can honestly say the Sensation White was unlike anything I had done before, although I do hope to go to more large scale parties like this one in the future; whether they’re in Santiago or elsewhere remains to be seen.  Feel free to check out the video that I made from some of my concert footage.