So it’s the middle of May here in Santiago and the nights are getting colder while the days become shorter, but it’s not all that bad. There are beautiful fall colors on all the trees as well as wonderful sweater temperatures during the daytime. I can honestly say Santiago is a much more comfortable city now that it’s not 100° during the daytime. I feel like I am thoroughly in the swing of things as far as school and classes go and I can understand all of what my professors say in lectures which is a big help. I feel like I’ve gotten by with so much less than I thought that I would need when I first got down here. I thought for sure that I would need a bike to zip around town on and that I would need loads of things to fill my time everyday, but I’m learning to enjoy the simplicity of life and the beauty of routine as well as the convenience of public transport and super cheap taxis.


This is my first entry that I’m writing with speech recognition software, and it seems to be going pretty well. It’s really nice to be able to write a blog entry without even having to touch the keyboard and also to be able to type it up about twice as fast. I still don’t know if this thing can handle Spanish, but that would be awesome.  Here’s a picture for your enjoyment.


IMG_3087Picture of the day: Lamps in a club that I went to dancing one Santiago weekend on a late Saturday night.  Great music and atmosphere.


I am growing to love my house and really have come to think of it as my home. However, at this current moment it is a very quiet home. I actually have no idea where my seven roommates are and it seems like at least one of them should be around but that is not the case. They are still constantly planning out new travels and I think that a large group of them are heading out to Buenos Aires, Argentina for about a week. This is a trip that I would love to make but can’t really afford the flight, so I guess I will just be arriving there at the end of my tour through South America which I am currently planning out with Nick. It looks like were going to be able to hit up Peru, Bolivia and Argentina seeing the sights of Iguazú Falls, Macchu Picchu, Bolivian salt flats, Lake Titicaca and hopefully a tour in the Amazon rain forest *crosses fingers*

I had the South American handbook 2009 in hardcover delivered to my house and have been reading through it and looking around for information for our trip. This book really is a lot like a Bible, the pages are so so thin it’s hard to believe; it’s really tough to go just one page forward, and if you flip through a few pages which you feel like is a very small amount, it’s actually like 40 pages. It does make a satisfying thump whenever you close it, which is nice.  The book is 1796 pages in lengt so I’ve got plenty of reading ahead of me.

One of the principles for packing that it recommends a spring half as many clothes as you would think you need and bring twice as much money, which is something I should’ve taken notice of before I left the US, ha ha. Anyways, I just really felt like using my speech recognition software to write an entry so here you go, it doesn’t really have much of a point it’s more just telling where I’m at right now and I think I may be doing a couple entries on my experiences that I’ve yet to write about. 

I hope motivation and inspiration are running through your veins.


Ian J