So, I find myself writing the third entry of the night, and am feeling quite in the zone at this point in time.  I think I can attribute some of my motivation to an article I read earlier containing tips on how to actually get some writing done.  I hope that I will continue to make interesting blog posts throughout my last month spent here in Chile, although I’m unsure of how much blogging I’ll be able to do while out of the country traveling through Perú and Bolivia, though we shall see.  That would be one time when I would LOVE to have an Asus Eee PC 1000HE, which has recently become the number one object of my desires.  I plan on getting one when I get back to the U.S. and rustle up sufficient scratch.  I figure that I can use it to take some great lecture worthy notes during class, as well as get some solid work done in the libraries and cafés around Madison.  But enough about my tech lust, onto the real world.

So the cancerous growth that my first entry of the night saw, happened to the second entry as well, so now here we are with entry number three.  Blogging is so much nicer when done in bite size pieces I’ve found.  Thankfully you won’t need to get a bag of popcorn or take a bathroom break while reading through my post today. 

Throughout this past weekend I had about 4 days where I would consider myself to be sick.  I would wake up in the morning with my throat so filled with junk that I was unable to even move my vocal cords and any noises that did manage to make their way out of my mouth sounded like the grunts of some prehistoric ogre.  After a steamy hot shower my respiratory system was a bit more agreeable and I was able to launch a few liquidy, yellow missiles off of my balcony onto the grass below, which helped, too.  My previous post talked about the Salida a Terreno and I was sick during that excursion, so the second half especially was not all that enjoyable.  I spent a couple days resting and mostly eating chicken noodle soup throughout the day intermixed with tea containing lemon and honey, a suggestion that came from my Mexican roommate Alvaro.  He called it a grandma’s remedy.  It did the trick quite well.  It took about 3 days to get over the main part of being sick and I was very happy that I didn’t get something like the flu that would give me massive headaches, fevers and a tumultuous stomach situation. 

This was my first South American cold that I’m pretty sure was brought on by the onset of winter (or something resembling it) here in Santiago.  We have had rain once this week and it truly does improve the air quality by a lot.  I went for a run the night after a heavy rain and the wonderful aroma of wet leaves and crisp air filled my lungs and reminded me of fall in Madison, something which I cannot wait to return home to.  I am elated by the fact that I get to have two summers and two falls while escaping the majority of winter.  That’s a nice side effect of the timing of my semester down here that I often smile about when it comes to mind.

On the topic of maladies, one of my friends in my abroad program named Lisa went across the border into Argentina this past week and she had a far worse experience than I had when I was sick.  She had some motion sickness on the plane ride over to Buenos Aires and the flight attendants took note and responded by giving both her and her sister those white protective breathing masks.  When they were getting off the plane, the rest of the plane got off first and they were told to sit and wait for doctors to come aboard who had been waiting for them at the airport.  They were suspicious that she may have had the swine flu, so they tested her temperature and eventually let her go.  But it doesn’t end there: doctors and police officers came and found her at her hostel in B.A. and after a 30 minute argument told her that she had to come to the hospital to have tests done.  So Lisa spent more than 24 hours in an Argentinean hospital being poked, prodded, having blood drawn and having swabs shoved up here nose and down her throat.  She said that “I would have rather had them just deport me right then, I really wanted to just go back to the U.S. at that moment.”  She said that she was treated like crap for the most of it and her opinions and knowledge were considered all but worthless.  I just thought that I would pass that onto you guys, I thought that it was a pretty interesting tale.


Well, it’s about time for me to hit the hay.  I’m going out to Viña del Mar for the weekend with my housemates.  Apparently we’re going to stay at a house of a friend, so it should be a pretty rowdy time.  Looking forward to it.

Cheers. Chao. Check you later. Ian J.


P.S. A picture of mine for your enjoyment, this was taken on Avenida Providencia in downtown Santiago.  The building is called Casa Matriz.