Hey there guys,

So, my good friend Eddy recently finished his trip to Ireland and also finished his blog after nine months of keeping at it more diligently than I expected them to when first convincing him to start writing down his thoughts. So now, there is one less of my friends doing international blogging although a former coworker of mine is still writing about her experiences in the Swiss Alps.


It has been a little while since I’ve last written here, although it has not been for lack of free time. I’ve been enjoying my weekends with friends and parties in the house, as well as going out this past Friday for a birthday party and clubbing afterwards that turned out to be a great night. I think I will be having a repeat of this sort of night this upcoming Friday when I have a joint birthday party with my good friend Anya. We’ve rented out a pretty classy portion of a bar called Cienfuegos, and afterwards will be rocking the house next door at bar Constitución until the wee hours of the morning.photo

At a friend Jennifer’s birthday party, one week before my party. So many parties!


This past weekend I had the joy of doing a wine tour with our group from school, a group of about 15 kids. The vineyard is an exquisite and surprisingly technological place that has a rich history of more than 120 years of winemaking. They are the largest vineyard in Chile and are named Concha y Toro.  Although the grounds and buildings are breathtaking, it is winter and thus the grapevines were empty, and bare. We did get to sample wine, obviously, but only of two varieties which was a bit of a letdown, to be honest. Although the second wine that we did try was the best wine that they make, and was positively delicious. As a group we bought a couple of bottles of wine and planned on enjoying them on the terrace right outside of the vineyard’s gift shop, but were stunned to find out that the vineyard does not have an alcohol license, and therefore could not open our bottles of wine and let us drink them on the premises. So, we ended up at a friend’s sushi restaurant where we enjoyed wine and sushi together, a wonderful combination.






At Concha y Toro – Group shot after the tour


I also went this past weekend to the Museo de Arte Pre-Colombiano in downtown Santiago, which is supposedly the best museum in the country for this sort of thing.  It was well laid out and classy and I must say that I learned a lot. One of the funniest things that I learned about was the ancient tradition of taking hallucinogenic substances. The brave natives searching for an out of body experience were first required to purge their stomachs using a sort of vomiting spatula to purify their digestive systems before taking the drugs. After that, they would strap themselves to a chair as to eliminate any possibility of movement during the experience. There were a couple drawings that depicted purging and throwing up that were a little bit over the top.  We also checked out the cathedral, too.  Around the Plaza de Armas, where we were walking around, I noticed a number of suspicious looking men that I had pegged as pickpockets for their extremely darty eyes and aimless, repetitive walking patterns.  After having been pick pocketed once, I was not about to have it happen again, catchai?