Hey there guys,

So I am writing to you from a noisy internet cafè in Nazca, Perú where we are trying to change our travel plans around with limited success. We have successfully scaled the heights of Machu Picchu and seen the historic churches and museums of Cusco, which were the main goals of our trip, so I am happy with that. Our original plans had us going through Lima over to the Cordillera Blanca to do a 4 day trek through beautiful snow capped mountains, 23 of which are over 16,000 feet in altitude. However, the worker strikes here have made travel quite difficult to organize safely and consistently, so we are going to head out of the country and explore northern Chile and northwestern Argentina.

There are a number of national parks with varied wildlife as well as an elegant city called Salta in Argentina that sound worth the effort. We were able to change the city that we embark onto our flight, so our travel plans work out a bit more smoothly.

We’ve had quite the interesting time these last couple of days and I think we´ll all be relieved to get out of the country and back into our South American homeland of Chile. I’ll be updating my blog with pictures when I get back into Santiago. I’ve gotten gifts for a good number of you guys while here in Perú, although packing them all up will be a challenge. Is anyone interested in South American alcohol, like some wine or pisco? Let me know and I can pick you up a bottle.

Cheers from Perú,

Ian J